Team Parent Meeting

2019 Team Performances

June 8-Thornton Fest.  Time frame is TBA.  Team performance could potentially be June 7.

July 4-afternoon performance around 2 p.m. (pending scheduling of stage set up and community band time constraints)

September 7-Arvada Harvest Parade (morning approximately 8 a.m.-11:30 a.m.). Optional participation and requires specific rehearsals.

September 7-Thornton Harvest Fest stage performance (afternoon between 3-5 p.m.). Usually just solos/duos/trios.

December 14 -Thornton Winter Fest (typically late morning/early afternoon between 10 a.m. and noon). Usually just solos/duos/trios.

Winter Recitals-exact date is not finalized but we are aiming for the weekend and or weekends of December 6-7, 13-14, 20-21.

Other performance opportunities as they arise:  Nursing Homes, Hyland Hills Adventure Lights, Community Events (if you have any ideas, please contact Kendra with them)


Our website is  It is active, but a work in progress and much of the content is not accessible for you just yet.  Please be patient as we work with the new website and figuring out the best way to organize it.  Some information on the website will be password protected to protect everyone’s privacy.  Keep that in mind as you are introducing yourself to the site, as you cannot access the dancer/parent portal yet!  A HUGE THANK YOU to Kevin Raney (Alura’s dad) for creating the site and teaching me about it.


Annual tuition is divided evenly into 12 equal payments.  You are billed automatically around the 15th of each month for the next month’s tuition.  Payments are due by the 3rd of each month and a $15 late fee will be assessed if payment is not received by close of business on the 5th.  An auto-draft payment option is available; please ask the front desk for the auto-pay form.


Exact costume fees will be determined once costume selections are finalized and sizing/availability is confirmed.  All combo teams will be re-using their 2018 costumes to begin with.  If your combo team is competing, you will need a new costume for competition. 

All hip-hop and lyrical teams will be getting one new costume to start 2019.  Plan on approximately $60 or less.  A $30 costume deposit for all hip-hop dancers and a $30 costume deposit for all lyrical dancers will be due by February 15.  The remaining balance will be due later.  My best estimate is sometime mid-March, but I will have a better idea once we determine sizes and costume availability/ship dates.


Estimated costume fees for each dance.  Fee will be due immediately.  We almost have everyone measured and will be getting you exact pricing the week of January 21 once we determine sizes and verify availability and ship dates.  These prices might change if we need to change the costume due to availability and ship dates.

Viva La Vida-approximately $58.55. 

Sassy-approximately $29.99-$34.99

Dancing Machine-approximately $53.94-$62.94

From Now On- approximately $70


Combo teams:  tan jazz and tan tap shoes

Lyrical teams: tan jazz shoes or tan lyrical shoes (any style)

Hip Hop teams: Shoe requirement will be based upon costumes.  For now, sneakers or jazz shoes are acceptable


Dancers are REQUIRED to wear proper dance attire and have hair pulled back for ALL dance classes and rehearsals.  For females, this means leotard and shorts or tights or shorts and sports bra.  Dancers may layer over their dancewear, but instructors may ask them to remove the layers.  Male dancers should wear athletic attire you can move easily in, NO JEANS.  Hip Hop team members are required to wear athletic clothing and sneakers.   We will strictly enforce this dress code all year long.  Dancers who consistently ignore dress code will not be allowed to participate in dance class.  We do have an account with Discount Dancewear that allows us to order shoes and clothing at a discount for your dancer.  Please email Kendra if you need to order anything.


Visit and email Kendra know what shoes/clothing you would like.  If you need help selecting items just ask!  The booster club passes on the savings of teacher prices to parents so you will pay less than the advertised price for almost everything! It is very cost effective to order through the booster club!  If you want to order on your own, you can use discount code 45443 for a discount.


Please keep in mind that consistently attending dance class is extremely important.  If your dancer will be absent, please notify us in advance if possible.  Excessive absences may result in any of the following: removal from the team, removal from the routine currently being worked on or removal from an upcoming performance.  Absences hinder the team as a whole.  Dancers cannot work on partner work and have trouble with spacing and patterns when dancers are absent.  You made a commitment to the team, please honor that commitment by attending class regularly!


The dance classroom is a creative environment.  Please be respectful of instructors and the artistic process by not interrupting while class is going on.  Parents are welcome to observe the last 5-10 minutes of class.  When you are observing at the end of class, please ask permission to videotape and ask for permission prior to posting photos/videos on social media.  Often times we are working on choreography or combinations that we do not want shared on social media.  This is becoming even more important as we move forward with more competitions.  Videotaping rehearsal can be a great tool for at home practice, but we need to be mindful of the artistic rights of instructors and the privacy of other children. Please ask for permission to avoid any issues. Dancers, whom are waiting to enter class, should wait quietly or stretch in the hallway until the class before them is dismissed.


Dancers who wish to perform solos/duos/trios must sign up for private lessons.  One 45-minute lesson is $30 residents/$36 non-residents.  A pack of three 45-minute lessons is $83 residents/$100 non-residents.  Fees are per solo/duo/trio and are split between participants.  Typically, 3-6 lessons are required to polish a solo/duo/trio. Instructors determine all music selections.  Dancers may provide input and feedback regarding song ideas, but it is ultimately up to the instructor choreographing. Dancers who wish to choreograph on their own must have permission and must work under the supervision of an instructor.

Anyone wishing to perform a solo/duo/trio this spring MUST email Kendra no later than March 1, to allow time to schedule lessons. NO solos/duos/trios from the previous year will be added to any performance unless you request to continue performing the routine(s); pending performance time available.


An optional opportunity for our team dancers who are looking to gain more experience and training. 

When: April 26-28

Where: Westin in Westminster, CO

What: NUVO dance convention and competition.  Dancers can attend this convention to take master classes and workshops in a variety of genres such as jazz, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, musical theater, jazz funk, tap, etc…  These classes are taught by working industry professionals.  Dancers may sign up for the 3-day convention, which will ensure they get to attend a minimum of 10 hours of workshops/classes.  There is a one-day option as well (Saturday).

Conventions are very pricey; however, there is a lot to gain from attending!  Dancers get to experience classes with industry professionals and gain experience by taking classes in a variety of genres with a variety of instructors.  It is very beneficial for dancers to train with a multitude of teachers.  Dancers who attend the 3-day convention also have the opportunity to attend an audition class where they can earn scholarships for future conventions and workshops.

Pricing (first fee is early registration completed by 3/19, second fee is late registration completed after 3/19 and pending availability)

Ages 5-7 (NUbie) $195/$245 (NUbie division includes one parent observer; one additional is $40). NUbie convention is two ½ days.

Ages 8-10 (Mini), 11-12 (Junior), 13-15 (Teen), 16-19 (Senior) $255/$305

Parent observers $50 ($60)

You can find more information at


Bravo! Payment due by January 21.  On January 22, we will need to increase the price on the payment button.

Solo-$95 (increases to $105)

From Now On-$40 (increases to $44)

Sassy-$40 (increases to $44)

Dancing Machine-$40 (increases to $44)

Cosmic Love-$40 (increases to $44)

Viva La Vida-$40 (increases to $44)

KAR. Payment due by January 28.  On January 29, we will need to increase the price on the payment button.  It will also increase on 2/1 and 2/21.

Solo-$104 (increases to $110, 124, 138)

From Now On-$44 (increases to $46, 52, 58)

A Pirate’s Live- $44 (increases to $46, 52, 58)

Sassy-$44 (increases to $46, 52, 58)

Dancing Machine-$44 (increases to $46, 52, 58)

Cosmic Love-$44 (increases to $46, 52, 58)

Viva La Vida-$44 (increases to $46, 52, 58)

Media Fee-$25 per dancer or $35 per family with two or more dancers.

NUVO Competition. Payment due by March 18.  On March 19, we will need to increase the price on the payment button.

Solo-$135 (increases to $160)

From Now On-$55 (increases to $65)

Sassy-$55 (increases to $65)

Dancing Machine-$55 (increases to $65)

Cosmic Love-$55 (increases to $65)

Viva La Vida-$55 (increases to $65)

NUVO Workshop. Payment due by March 18.  On March 19, we will need to increase the price on the payment button.

Ages 5-7-$195 (increases to $245)

Ages 8+-$255 (increases to $305)

Observer band (to observe workshop classes for ages 8+)-$50 (increases to $60)