Team Expectations/Code of Conduct

Team Expectations and Code of Conduct

Dancing on a team and competing is a privilege.  As a team member, I am representing both the dance program and the City of Thornton.  I have decided to commit to dancing on the dance team for the full season (September 2019-August 2020).  I promise to abide by the following expectations and code of conduct.

  1. I will attend class regularly and be ready on time.  I understand that multiple absences may result in dismissal from the team.
  2. I will come to class wearing appropriate dance attire (leotard and tights or sports bra and shorts for females, athletic attire for males).  I understand that not abiding by dress code WILL prevent me from participating in class.
  3. I will have my hair pulled back away from my face.
  4. I will not chew gum during class and will keep food and beverages away from the dance floor.
  5. I will have a positive attitude during class.
  6. I will treat my instructors and fellow dancers with respect, offering encouragement and help.
  7. I will not talk while the teacher is speaking.
  8. I will be a good role model for all City of Thornton dancers.
  9. I will be a good student, and maintain acceptable grades.
  10. I will practice.
  11. I will keep track of my costumes and props and will label each item with my name or initials. I understand that I will be running laps or doing pushups for any items I leave behind at class or a performance.
  12. I must maintain all costumes and props and understand that no costume or prop may be changed or altered in any way without approval.
  13. I will use dressing rooms for changing at all times.
  14. I will arrive at performances and competitions on time and look “performance ready”.
  15. I will give 100%, 100% of the time ~ giving my “A” game. 
  16. I will be a positive representative of the City of Thornton Dance Program.
  17. Substance use. Underage drug or alcohol use (including e-cigarettes/vaping) is not tolerated.  I understand there is a zero tolerance policy and if a dancer is found to be in violation of underage substance laws including usage or possession, they will be removed from the team immediately with no refund.
  18. Classroom etiquette and social media. The dance classroom is a creative environment.  Parents and dancers should be respectful of instructors and the artistic process by not entering the dance room or interrupting while class is going on.  Please ask permission to videotape and ask for permission prior to posting photos/videos on social media. Often times we are working on choreography or combinations that we do not want shared on social media.  Videotaping rehearsal can be a great tool for at home practice, but we need to be mindful of the artistic rights of instructors and the privacy of other children. Please ask for permission to avoid any issues. Dancers, whom are waiting to enter class, should wait quietly or stretch in the hallway until the class before them is dismissed or until the instructor gives permission to enter. 

I understand that I must abide by this code of conduct in order to continue to participate in classes, performances and competitions. If I choose not to follow the expectations, I may be asked to leave class until the issue is fixed or I may be cut from the team. 

Dancers and parents will be expected to volunteer their time during shows, performances, competitions and fundraisers throughout the dance season. 

Parents are expected to pay the monthly fee by the 3rd of each month.  A late fee of $15 will be added to your account automatically if payment is not made by the end of the business day on the 5thDancers will not be allowed to participate in classes, performances or competitions if your dance tuition is delinquent.  Registration does offer an auto-payment option.  A new form must be filled out each year.  We will have the new auto-pay forms in in September.  All parents will have to call or come in to make their September payment.