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4th of July Performance Details

WHERE: Carpenter Park Fields, mainstage (it’s on the west end of the field, and the ONLY stage that will be set up)

WHEN: Dancers call time is 2:15 p.m., performance will start at 2:30 p.m. (we may need to delay until 2:45 if stage set-up is still being completed, but we will be ready to hopefully start at 2:30 p.m.).  You will be finished by 4 p.m.  We will need some strong parents to help us get the Mary Poppins props on and off the stage.  If you can help, please come early (around 2 p.m.).

COSTUME NOTES: We are starting with Mary Poppins.  Please UNDER DRESSS your second costume (as much as you can without it showing) to help with that quick change.  Squad boys: please wear your black cargo pants as your chimney sweep pants and under dress your black squad shirt under your chimney sweep shirt.  If this does not make sense, please ask us for clarification the next time you see us.  Everyone except the red/white mary’s should be able to under dress quite a bit of your second costume. 

QUICK CHANGES:  please have costumes and shoes organized with shoes untied, costumes unbuttoned etc…to make your changes go quickly.  We CANNOT wait for you to change, you have to be fast.  The only exception is from Way Down We Go into A Million Dreams there will need to be a short pause for a change.  Ask Renee and I for tips if necessary, we both have TONS of experience with quick changes…I once had three costume changes in the middle of one number in Beauty and the Beast…shoes and everything so it can be done. Ask us if you need direction J.  On another note, ladies, you MUST use the changing tent to change.  We cannot have you changing in public, it is not appropriate even if you have a nude leotard on.  From a distance you look completely naked and that is not OK, use the changing tent.

PERFORMANCE ORDER and COSTUME LIST  Please triple check your costumes, shoes, wrist bands, hats etc…everything should be labeled with your name or initials.  We noticed several of you were missing accessories at the last performance, please look for them and wear them.  IF you are missing something or discover you have an extra item that is not yours, please let me know by Monday.  If you tell Renee or I after Monday, we will not be happy!!! 

  1. Mary Poppins-production
  2. Surf’s Up-Divas
  3. Feel this Moment-Squad
  4. Made in America-Dynamites
  5. Blame-Dragonflies
  6. Makes Me Happy-Darlings
  7. Demons-Rec Class
  8. Do it Like This-Divas
  9. Without You-Dazzlers
  10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love-Diamonds
  11. The Climb-Dynamites
  12. Don’t Stop Me Now-Crew
  13. Way Down We Go-Rec Class
  14. A Million Dreams-Dreamers & Dragonflies
  15. Something to Dance For-Darlings
  16. Granted-Divas
  17. Dancing Machine-Dazzlers
  18. Really Don’t Care-Diamonds
  19. Baby Mine-Dreamers
  20. Viva La Vida-Competition
  21. Sassy-Dynamites
  22. Zuka Zama-Darlings
  23. Still Rock-n-Roll-Dazzlers
  24. Love Myself-Divas
  25. From Now On-Competition


Zuka: competition costume, no face paint

Something to Dance For: Yellow costume, jazz or lyrical shoes, tights

Makes Me Happy: purple costume, tap shoes, tights


Sassy: competition costume

The Climb: blue/white two-piece costume, jazz shoes, tights and fishnets

Made in America: Squad costume with plaid vest tied up (keep the blue sneakers on)


“Without you” -lyrical-burgundy/orange costume, jazz shoes, tights, fishnets

“Still Rock n roll to me” -tap-2018’s greatest show costume (no spats or top hat), tap shoes, tights, fishnets

Dancing Machine: competition costume


Granted: long sleeve lyrical dress from 2018, tights, fishnets, jazz shoes

Love Myself: black booty shorts, colored tank, jazz shoes, tights, fishnets

Surf’s Up: individual summer beach look

Do it Like This: sequin fringe costume from 2018


“Really Don’t Care” -jazz-black cold shoulder costume

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”-your own personal denim jeans, white tee, and a flannel tied around your waist. 


Blame-rust dress, tights, fishnets, jazz shoes. Johnny: black jazz pants, rust shirt and plaid shirt. Jazz shoes.


Baby Mine-slate dress, jazz shoes, tights, fishnets, headpiece


Don’t Stop Me Now-jeggings, jacket, tank top, jazz shoes or sneakers. Boys: jacket, white shirt, personal denim jeans, jazz shoes or sneakers.


Feel This Moment-Girls: black unitard (same as 2018), blue flannel, black/white socks (same as 2018), wrist bands (same as 2018), sequin sneakers, tights. Boys: black cargo pants, black sleeveless tee, blue flannel, wrist bands (same as 2018)

DANCES with dancers from multiple teams

MARY POPPINS-Character look

VIVA LA VIDA-competition costume

FROM NOW ON-competition costume

A MILLION DREAMS-white lyrical dress from 2018

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