Attendance Policy

Team Attendance Policy

Regular attendance at all dance classes and performances is extremely important.  Absences and tardiness hinder a dance student’s progress and affects the team as a whole.   Attending dance classes, technique classes, and company production rehearsals will help dancers continue to improve and progress in their dance techniques while ensuring they know the dance routines to the best of their abilities.

Often times, dancers must be cut from some teams due to maximum participation limits.  To help promote consistent attendance and to encourage teamwork, we have the following attendance policy. 

  • 15 excused absences per year will be allowed.  Upon the 16th absence, dancers may be dismissed from the team and will be encouraged to register for a recreational dance class for less of a commitment.  Please inform your teacher of any known absences as soon as possible so we may try to plan/adjust the rehearsal schedule accordingly.
  • 3 unexcused absences from class or a production rehearsal will result in the dancer being dropped from the routine or portions of it.
  • Attendance at all classes before a performance is MANDATORY.  Any unexcused absence from the week leading to a performance will result in your dancer being blocked out of the routine.  
  • Dancers or parents MUST give a minimum 10 day notice if a dancer will be absent from a performance.  Routines need to be re-staged if we are missing dancers so please follow policy and give us advance notice so we can prepare and set the team up for success.  We understand emergencies occur, please notify us as soon as possible in the event of an emergency.  

All classes and rehearsals will be posted on the online calendars at and will be updated regularly.  We will also have a team call board at the new Trail Winds facility.  Dancers and parents are encouraged to check the calendar and call board for up to date information.  All changes/updates will be emailed and posted on the team website and call board.