Parent Meeting

If you were not able to attend you will need to pick up your Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser pack from the dance room. This year all funds raised will be shared equally among all team dancers. To keep our 501c3 tax exempt status we will no longer be keeping individual fundraiser accounts. The goal is for us to work as a team for the benefit of all its dancers and members. We are giving incentives to the dancers for selling. Sell $200 worth of popcorn and get a Thornton Dance decal Sticker. Sell $400 get a water bottle. Sell $500 and get a Thornton Dance spirit wear t-shirt. If we have 100% participation we have something fun planned involving our instructors. Please read the attached letter on the packet for more information and out of town ordering.
Information on other ways that you can collect donations or participate in fundraising this year are in the Booster information book that can be picked up with your Double Good Popcorn pack. 
Last, we would like to announce and welcome Julie Vasilion as secretary to the Thornton Dance Booster Board.