Thornton Dance Teams

Don’t forget there are NO dance classes today in observance of Memorial Day. Thank you to those who have served and are serving!

The Thornton Dance Teams are groups of young girls and boys dedicated to learning all styles of dance. They enjoy entertaining the community and bringing smiles to peoples faces. The teams are made up of six individual dance groups. The Divas, Diamonds, Dynamites, Dazzlers, Darlings, and Dreamers. Their ages range from 4-17, and are brought together by some amazing dance instructors, Kendra, Renee, Sara, MaKayla, Marissa and Rachel. They work hard with the girls and boys to teach them not only the skills of dance, but how to make a difference in the community along with showing integrity and respect to all.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide affordable, performance based dance teams for the youth in the surrounding communities with at least one competition or convention opportunity each year.

We strive to:

  1. Create an environment where dancers can build confidence, coordination, creativity, grace, musicality, rhythm, and an overall appreciation of dance.
  2. Foster community spirit through dance performance and teamwork.
  3. Provide quality dance instruction in a recreational setting

Dancers will advance within their team by learning new and challenging dance techniques from year to year.  Our philosophy is to create cohesiveness and unity by keeping dancers together for as long as possible.  Movement between teams may be limited.  This strategy encourages teamwork and produces better performance qualities within the dance teams.


We will provide scheduling updates via email/handouts as the schedule solidifies.  We will have a new website for 2019 and will post all handouts, updates, costumes list, etc…on the website for easy access.  Typical performances include

Typical Performances

  • Thornton Fest-June 8
  • 4th of July-July 4
  • Harvest Fest -September 7
  • Arvada Harvest Parade-September 7
  • Team Showcase-December 14
  • Winter Recital-December 7, 13
  • Nursing Homes, schools, local festivals as opportunities arise.  Let us know if you have any ideas or contacts.

Scheduled Performances

    Booster Club

    The Booster club directly supports the Thornton Dance Teams.  The booster club board is comprised of parents from the dance team members.  The booster club assists with ordering costumes and props, scheduling performances and organizing fundraisers throughout the year.  Please contact the booster club at Thornton Dance booster@thorntondance.org if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, comments, or concerns.